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Structural Pallet Rack

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Structural Rack Systems

Structural Rack Systems from Engineered Products are backed by EPs 50 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing a heavy duty, high capicity, structural pallet rack system. EP's bolted structural rack meets RMI Structural Pallet Rack standards of quality, long life, durability, and is also compatible with other major vendors racks. Two inch adjustability of shelf connectors gives our structural pallet racks system maximum versatility. Multiple upright column types and colors are available. Engineered Products designs manufactures and installs various types of structural rack to fit your specific structural racking warehouse storage requirements


Structural Rack Supported Buildings

Structural Rack is often used as the supporting structure in rack supported buildings and rack supported warehouses. EP's rack supported structures are the most cost effective construction method in high rise ASRS storage rack applications. Structural Pallet Rack Supported applcations are also utliized in high density drive-in rack and high density double deep rack applications

Selective Structural Pallet Rack Systems

Selective structural racks provide fast access from the aisle to each individual pallet. Selective structural pallet racking systems are the most widely used pallet racking system, are very versatile, and are the best choice for fast moving products. Installation options include high rise structural pallet rack supported buildings as well as installation in warehouses and distribution centers.

Drive In Structural Pallet Rack System

Drive In Structural Rack is a high density storage system that maximizes space by storing pallets from two deep to seven deep, so fewer aisles are needed. Drive In Racks provide Last In First Out storage and are an ideal application for structural racks integrity and strength since they are subject to increased fork lift damage. Installation options include high rise Drive In rack supported buildings as well as installation in warehouses and distribution centers.

Push Back Structural Rack System

Push Back Structural Racks store pallets on nested carts in a slight incline allowing gravity flow to move pallets. When a pallet is removed from the front, the pallet behind it flows to the front. This provides high density storage, last in firsta out, and allows easy access to pallets facing the aisle.

Double Deep Structural Pallet Rack Systems

Double deep Structural Racks are more cost effective than Selective Structural Pallet Racks because pallets are stored two to four deep resulting in fewer aisles. Double Deep rack is ideal when multiple pallets of the same product need to be stored together. Installation options include high rise double deep rack supported buildings as well as installation in warehouses and distribution centers.

Cantilever Structural Rack System

Cantilever Structural Racks are ideal for furniture, lumber, pipe, tube, sheet, and other long, flat, odd shaped products that are not appropiate for convential pallet rack.

Structural Pallet Flow Systems

Ideal for high density, first in first out warehouse storage applications. Engineered Products pallet flow systems utilize EPs Palletrak gravity flow pallet flow rails and EP Structural pallet rack. Pallets are loaded from one side of the system and unloaded from the other providing first in first out inventory control.

Structural Rack Systems - Capacity, Durability, Economy

The availability of pre-formed structural steel makes structural racks an economical storage system, while providing heavy load capacity and high impact resistance. Uprights and beams are of heavy wall construction, with further reinforcements added to the uprights to resist damage from forklifts.

Structural Pallet Rack clean design.

The open channel frame design of EP's structural pallet racks minimizes the accumulation of dirt and particles, and permits spray cleaning. This is particularly important in food storage structural racking applications.

Structural Pallet Rack

Contact Engineered Products today to discuss your structural racks and structural racking material handling systems requirements.

Structural Rack System
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