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Rack Supported Building

Rack Supported Building Structures

Engineered Products has been designing, manufacturing, and installing rack-supported buildings, rack-supported warehouse, rack supported structures, and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems AS/RS since 1955. Engineered Products rack supported AS/RS structures utilize EP's Unit Load ASRS in a rack-supported building structure resulting in the most cost effective high rise, high density storage system available.

Structural Rack Supported Buildings provide a complete storage system facility, with the rack system providing the structural support for the buildings structure, roof and walls. Rack Supported Warehouses offer the highest possible storage density along with the lowest high rise storage construction costs when compared with structural steel frame buildings. In addition to reduced construction costs, construction lead times are less than than traditional building methods.

Rack Supported Buildings are the preferred construction method in high rise AS/RS applications. Engineered Products also implements Rack Supported Warehouses as Drive In Rack Supported Buildings , Pallet Rack Supported Buildings , Push Back Rack Supported Building , and Double Deep Rack Supported Building storage systems.

  • Rack-Supported Structures provide the highest storage density
  • Buildings support columns are replaced with structural uprights leading to increased storage density and reduced over all steel costs
  • A Rack Supported Building optimizes space utilization while minimizing footprint, increasing the overall storage per square foot
  • Accelerated depreciation is allowed for a rack supported structure
  • Insurance costs are often less than in a traditional steel frame building
  • The enhanced land utilization is especially beneficial in situations where land is at a premium
  • Ideal for high wind, snow load , and seismic applications, as forces are spread across multiple frames

Rack Supported Building AS/RS

Mini Load AS/RS

Unit Load AS/RS

Contact Engineered Products to learn how our Rack Supported Building, Rack Supported Warehouse, and ASRS Rack Supported Structure can reduce your overall contruction costs and increase your storage density.

Rack Supported Buildings
Rack Supported Building
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