AS/RS Structural Rack Systems


Engineered Products offers expertise in Automated Storage and Retrieval systems. From Unit load, Mini load and AS/RS rack-supported buildings to large-scale distribution centers or specially designed AS/RS structures for seismic areas, freezing works and other special condition facilities, we can coordinate every detail of your AS/RS system from concept to installation.

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ASRS Rack Systems

ASRS Rack Systems

Many of the largest Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, AS/RS Mini Load, ASRS Unit load, and structural Rack Supported Building installations in the country operate on Engineered Products ASRS high-rise structural rack. They include AS/RS Rack Supported Buildings, Rack Supported Warehouses, distribution centers, stand alone warehouses, and specially designed AS/RS structures and structural rack for seismic areas, freezers and other special conditions. Our design engineers, structural analysts, manufacturing supervisors, project managers and installers coordinate every detail of your ASRS Automated Storage and Retrieval System AS/RS system from concept through installation.



ASRS systems offer significant space savings, smaller footprint, and faster, smoother, quieter operation than static structural rack, pallet rack, and gravity flow rack storage systems. Engineered Products expertise includes Unit Load AS/RS Systems, Mini Load ASRS Systems, and AS/RS Rack Supported Buildings. Our experience in both Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems ASRS and rack supported warehousing enables us to design your system to provide the optimum yield per cubic foot of storage.

Many of the largest AS/RS and rack supported warehouse installations in the country operate on Engineered Products high-rise racks, including designs for seismic areas, freezers and other special conditions. With experience in a variety of systems integrators, our dedicated teams coordinate every detail from concept through installation to maximize your square footage and product turns.

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